We are driven by one desire: to become the partner of choice to manufacturers in the Health sector

What could be more challenging than the Health industry - a multifaceted industry in which, despite the existence of a common set of regulatory and normative requirements, each manufacturer has targeted and specific needs?

Succeeding in the Health sector is a challenge in itself, not only because of its strict requirements but also because the sector is very competitive and the issues it faces huge. A number of manufacturers have placed their trust in us since we started out in 2013. In some cases, we found ourselves competing directly for projects with some of the giants of the sector. Our earliest projects were often trial projects, but we have always risen to the challenge and given both our clients and the bodies responsible for monitoring their activities complete satisfaction. The reason for this is simple: we only plan our collaborations based on a long-term perspective, always working to comply with the most recent regulatory and normative requirements and in accordance with the economic context in which our clients are operating. After all, our development is their development too.

More than specialist consultants...

We at EFOR Healthcare are first and foremost people - men and women. We are biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemists, pharmacists or professionals with unusual profiles and with rich and varied experience. We represent different generations of professionals with varied experience and different specialisations, but one thing we all have in common is our shared passion for pharmaceutical products and medical devices, which is what drives us all to want to be a part of this health industry of which we are so fond. Regardless of their role, each EFOR consultant has a number of internal contacts enabling them to deal with any issues they may encounter. Our organisation is structured in a way that means that each consultant is supported by an internal network of experts who can lend their expertise to a given case.
Consultants, technical managers and business managers all work as a team to ensure that every project we take on is a success.

Specially adapted and adaptable offerings

France is home to a large number of consultancy firms, but only a few of these deal specifically with the health sphere, and fewer still can commit to the majority of the projects they undertake for a flat fee. We at EFOR Healthcare are confident in our strengths. The ways in which we work are unusual and designed to reflect your needs. Whether in the case of in situ or remote intervention, providing technical support or a package, calling upon the services of EFOR means obtaining a full commitment from the entire company whereby the expected deliverable is systematically designed to meet, or even exceed, expectations. EFOR Healthcare's strength lies in the hands of its teams, which enable it to guarantee that the deliverable supplied will meet both your expectations and those of the relevant regulatory bodies.